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​My fountain pen adventure, which started as a hobby in my humble workshop of 3 m2 in 2014, continues professionally in 2019 with the contributions of my dear friend. As Stüdyo Ağaçkakan, our goal is to convey Turkish motifs to fountain pen lovers all over the world with our mastery. One of the steps we have taken towards our goals has been to meet with fountain pen lovers by participating in International fountain pen festivals. In addition to our many original designs, we also produce personalized pens. We care about the story of each pen and the stages of its making. The interest in our pens, which we synthesize innovative and different techniques of pens with the values that belong to us, is our biggest motivation that will take us further. We will continue to present pens that we designed inspired by the elements of culture, art and history.

Handmade Fountain Pen
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