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Pure Pearl

Rococo breeze;

The Rococo movement that emerged in the 18th century has been used in many areas of art. Sea shells with aesthetic curves, herbal patterns and motifs were preferred.

When we wanted to carry the rococo art movement to our fountain pen, it was very important to find the most suitable and correct material that reflected this movement. As a result of our long researches, we finally reached the right material. We set out to add detail and elegance to our fountain pen design with this material, which is suitable for the pearl and sea shell concept with its pearly appearance and colorful pastel tones, with various curves and the architectural interpretation of that period.
However, the main issue is; How did we interpret this concept on the pen?

We placed pearls, which took many years to reach perfection with their color and shine, on the hills that we wanted to use on the back of the pen cap and body. In order to create the feeling of being inside the oyster that created pearl, we created a crown form by wrapping silver oyster shells around both the lid and the body. It's almost like a princess crown... We brought our fountain pen to its unique form with a curved ring with herbal ornaments on its body.
We are proud to present our new design, which excites us at every stage, with you.




925k Silver

Filling System

Converter / Cartridge


Steel / Gold


395 $ - Tax Included

* Please contact for the gold nib.

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